How do different faiths view suicides?

Suicide is not a pleasant act and appraisal. Some people kill themselves thinking their life has not further meaning while some kill themselves because of the mental pressure or disorder. It is one such state of the act that a mentally disturbed person either being in his senses or losing the senses does it. It not just disturbs his own living but the also the people who have been living with the person. You might be wondering why suicides rates are rising every year. Well, the fact is, it is the society to be blamed. The society who has created its own rules and regulations has to lead to a disturbing environment. Families take every step carefully thinking they need survive in the society. But it is one act which goes against the societal norms lead to eventually a loss of the own family member.

Different faiths different viewpoint:

Even if we blame society for putting pressure on the people committing society but don’t be surprised to see that different faiths and trust on god have a different perception of the suicide.

The Nietzsche Point of view:

The atheist Nietzsche in one of his writing stated that God is dead. However, the fact is suicide is one consolation which means, it will be successful though many faces a bad night. The depression and pain can often be one ray of hope for the people who want to escape from the horrible experiences. There are still people who follow the thoughts of Nietzsche and thinking that ceasing to exist is always bearable than facing such emotional trauma

Hinduism Point of view:

In Hinduism, suicide considered to be a bad karma. It is a sin which one commits in the normal circumstances. As per the Hinduism, no one has got right to depart body from the soul, not even the one who owns it and the person who think it could be one trauma cleanup are absolutely mistaken. Rather it speeds up the karma’s intensity and someday, the person committing this act will have to repay it in his/her next born.

The Jewish faith:

Jewish don’t believe in this act. Rather for such act, they have mentioned one quote in Deuteronomy that states, you must guard your life carefully. For such people, they consider that taking one life which the god creates and control is something a murder and not a suicide.

The Islamic Faith:

Of all the other religions, the Islamic one has strongly put its point of this act. As per the Islamic religion, god is the one who has created the life. He is the author of our life and the story is all written by him. He may take life or even tell human being in which condition the life needs to be taken as a punishment for the sin committed or the havoc and destruction spread in the land.

There have been many reopening a murder case taken place when the investigation team wasn’t sure whether it was a suicide or a murder. Ideally, none of the religion supports this act. Talking own life is a selfish thing one can do but living and dealing with the problems is a brave thing.